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  "Earth hour" campaign began in March 31, 2007. That night, in Sydney, Australia, about 2.2 million local residents lights for an hour, to support the action, the fight against global warming.

  Only a year later, the event has been extended to all over the world, has become a global environmental protection activities. By 2008, as many as 370 urban residents to participate in 35 countries in the "earth hour" activities. Around the world between fifty million and one hundred million residents to support the "earth hour" activities and an hour to go to bed. Some landmark buildings, such as the golden gate bridge, the Roman arena, and Brazil's statue of Christ, have put out an hour in the day, in response to a call to action to deal with global warming.

  In 2009, the "earth hour" activities to create history, it witnessed the largest voluntary environmental protection activities. According to conservative estimates, about hundreds of millions of people involved. 88 countries in 4159 towns in response to the campaign and lights out for an hour, including capital cities in 73 countries and the global nine of the ten most populous cities. The sphinx in Egypt and the pyramids of giza, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Cape Town, South Africa's table mountain and thousands of landmark buildings such as Niagara Falls and natural wonders joined this activity.

  "Earth hour" activities in 2010 made history again, affect the number of people over 1.3 billion. From all continents as many as 4616 towns in 128 countries took part in the activities to go to bed. The Forbidden City in Beijing, the Brandenburg gate in Berlin, the President of the United States mountain (mount rushmore), Zimbabwe's Victoria falls and the Hiroshima peace memorial park signs such as landscape, is the icing on the cake for "earth hour" activities. In China, the living won 33 city government official support, in which millions of Chinese ginseng. Participate in the activities more and more cities in the world, become the "earth hour" to tackle global warming action milestone.

  In 2011 the "earth hour" activities not only confined to the lights for one hour and the fight against global warming. In advocating the homes, offices, government buildings and iconic landscape lights out for an hour at the same time, the "earth hour" is committed to promoting the sustainable environmental action.


  仅仅在一年之后,该勾当就被推广到天下各地,渐渐成为一项环球性的环保勾当。到2008年,已有多达35个国度的370个城镇的住民参加到了“地球一小时”的勾当中来。环球约有五万万到一亿的住民为支撑 “地球一小时”勾当而熄灯一小时。一些符号性构筑,好比金门大桥,古罗马竞技场,以及巴西的基督教救世主雕像,也都在当天熄灭一小时,以相应招呼,采纳举措应对环球变暖。





  Students, on the evening of March 28, we held a "earth hour" activities, it is the world wide fund for nature to address global climate change have put forward an initiative, hope to individuals, communities, businesses and government in March 28, 2015, manner of an hour to go to bed late, to show support for the effort to tackle climate change.

  When the sandstorm attacked Beijing, when the news came in taihu lake, dianchi lake pollution, when the snow storms, drought, extreme weather has been raging, when accelerating global warming, the Antarctic glaciers melt sharply, dear friends, have you ever wondered, with their own meager strength for us to live in the earth? So I took an active part in the activities, as we live in a city to do some contribution within our capabilities. Actually, short dark we not do less than an hour, it can not only let us contribute to his honesty, but also for more green and bright tomorrow. Some people will ask: "is not an hour? Power have so big?" Yes, one hour is trivial, but, if you think, with more than 1000 cities and 1000 an hour to calculate, this how strong! Is the so-called unity is strength!

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